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26 Feb 2015

Sorry, this tide graph page is no longer available

This page will redirect to the OFU tide graph in one minute

Due to the age of the Java Applet previously shown on this page (ancient!) we have regrettably placed it into retirement after long and sterling service.

There are also the ongoing security problems related to Java itself, which would require a rewrite of the applet. We have neither the time or inclination to do this, since we have other workable alternatives.

Please try the following links to check out our other tide graphs:

A compact graph located on this site (ofu.co.nz), covering many places around New Zealand. Place selection is by using small map or choosing on an alphabetic list.

TideSpy - features a large Google map showing tides anywhere in the USA, Australia, Pacific Islands, and New Zealand. The TideSpy site also has a large single-page graph.