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8 Feb 2015
OceanFun Publishing actively encourages other sites to link to its pages.

You may link to the main page or individual pages but I'd appreciate it if you were to observe to the following "code of good practice":
  1. Please don't place OceanFun's pages in a frame on your own pages. You should not attempt to "pass-off" any of OFU's editorial content as your own work.
  2. Please contact OceanFun Publishing to advise me that you are linking to these pages. It's not mandatory but I like to know who finds our site of interest and it means I can let you know of any changes to the OceanFun site structure so that your links don't become invalid if I move things around at this end. I may also add a reciprocal link to your site.
  3. We regularly receive requests from people who wish to have our tide graph on their sites. You can add an interactive tide graph to your site using our TideSpy site.
  4. If you want the applet to appear for a certain beach, port or whatever, you can do this by using a URL with the correct parameters on the end (after the ?).  The easiest way to create such a URL is to find the place of interest in the Secondary Ports list, select this place so you get the applet displayed, and then copy the URL from the address box in your browser and paste it into your web page.
  5. The tide tables and graphs we publish are copyright and it's our livelihood.  Feel free to use it however you like for personal use, but if you wish to republish on a website or for commercial purposes then it is imperative that you contact us to arrange permission beforehand.

This page

We stole the text for page from Aardvark Daily, which they are entirely happy with given the following statement made in the original document (which we in turn offer to our visitors)...
Feel free to copy, quote or extract this page in part or in its entirety for use on your own site (an attribution would be nice though). It never ceases to surprise me just how many sites around the Web have no clear policy on linking, just plenty of legalese describing the severe penalties that will be coming your way if you republish or infringe their copyrights.

Original document copyright © 1996-2002 to Bruce Simpson [of Aardvark]

Copyright © 2017 - 2024 OceanFun Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. Reproduction of this page in whole or in part in any form or medium without the express written permission of OceanFun Publishing Ltd. is prohibited.

Please read our Terms and Conditions.

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