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25 Aug 2014

Tides for your WAP-enabled mobile phone

Find out today's tides wherever you are by using your mobile phone.
Any WAP or HTML capable mobile phone will allow you to select any of the same 21 places you can select for the graph. Just enter the following URL on your phone, select the place, and we will show you the next six tides.


A typical phone will display something like this:


- Auckland -
Daylight adjusted


Your mobile phone provider may charge you for access to this page. We are not currently making any additional charge, however we reserve the right to do so in the future.

All times are corrected for NZ daylight saving time; you do not need to make any adjustment.

Some WAP or HTML enabled browsers may not display this page correctly. While we have tested it with many different phones, we can make no guarantee. If your phone fails to display correctly, please let us know - and don't forget to tell us what make and model phone you are using.

You can also use your regular computer browser visit the same URL (http://ofu.co.nz/wap) and obtain a similar display of live data.

And the usual disclaimer: While we make every attempt to provide reliable and accurate information, we make no express or implied guarantee as to the availability, accuracy or suitability of the published tide data.